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Why and When to Service Your     Regulator and Other Equipment!

First of all, the manufacturers recommend it, and for good reason!  Even if you are good at general maintenance, the cleaning of your regulator system, you cannon get the regulator clean enough.  Corrosion will always be present and can cause problems, and the corrosion isn't always evident until your regulator is pulled completely apart during the annual service.

If a regulator system has been sitting for a long period of time, many people think everything is fine, as it hasn't been used.  Unfortunately, all the dynamic, moving o-rings inside your first and second stages will take a set from sitting in one position for a long period of time.  When the regulator is pressurized, the o-rings will tend to twist instead of rolling like they are designed to do.

So please consider bringing your regulator and buoyancy compensator in each year for inspection/ overhaul.  After all, this is your life support system during every dive you make. We want your diving to be safe and comfortable.


about the cost or turn around time?  Give us a call or email us for specific details about your equipment!


Phone: 503.620.6993

Email: info@uwwscuba.com